Artie's Home Decor

When we work to insure that our personal spaces feel cozy, inviting, and comfortable, we establish for ourselves, our family, and our guests a haven or sanctuary which can be enjoyed by all. Our personal spaces should foster a sense of peace and separateness from all of the chaos around us. Artie's Home searches globally to bring you quality and unique products that will allow you to add that personal touch to create your personal space.

We have decided to expand our product offerings to include great products for your personal space. Now you can enjoy the Doc & Artie's goodness throughout your home and personal spaces. Please note that more than 90% of our offered products are also created by small business owners and artisans just like us. We wholeheartedly believe in supporting small businesses just as you have supported us over the years. Additionally, we give back to our community by supporting small business initiatives.

Thanks you for considering Doc & Artie's and now Artie's Home. Please enjoy visiting our online store.